The Peak Otel (

The Peak Hotel, as a well-established organization, was introduced in 1961 under the name Yenişehir Palas with 1-star rating, 35 rooms and 51 beds capacity. Ongoing renovation and restructuring progress has taken off with the acquisition of Yenişehir Palas, one of the first hotels to receive the Tourist Facility Operation Certification by Şehitoğlu Family in 1972.

Hotel attained a capacity of 90 rooms, 135 beds between 1972- 1995 and earned 2 stars over its restaurant for 65 guests.

In 1995, Şehitoğlu Tourism and Trade Limited Company was founded and Mehmet D. Şehitoğlu was designated as the Hotel and Company general manager, ushering in a new, dynamic planning and implementation process.

In the fag-end of 1998, Hotel was rated 3 stars, becoming open for improvement with 171 rooms, 304 beds, 1 restaurant and a café - restaurant.

At the passing of 2008, the Hotel was renovated from head to toe driven by the grandest restructuring move in its history, on its way to deserve the 4th star over 149 rooms with a capacity of 254 beds, fully-equipped meeting halls for 255 guests, a restaurant for 100 and a café - restaurant for 75.

In January 2009, the Hotel was renamed THE PEAK HOTEL aiming at bolstering its change, recognition and strength in the international arena.